03-03-2007 Kupelian Presents Ecstatic Music 09

You're right it is on my list of top 10 of all tracks
Mike Koglin Vs. P.O.S - Untitled Audio (Nitrous Oxide Remix) this is a great track had it for some time now nitrous oxide :love: them too
you gotta be a mind reader - thanks cant go wrong with Nitrous Oxide
can you.
alex morphs remix nice set kamal brother same with you kupelain
You played some great tracks in this set and the sound and transitions were
perfect. Very enjoyable hour - thanks for all your hard work.

excellent set - and what a brilliant last 2 tracks you selected. awesome.
Good morning to you both see you next week.
Hope to see you soon on my show derek, Than you Kupelian:hello:
Tune in next week for a 2hr set showcasing the newest tunes!!! Thanks for tuning in!!!