06-08-2007 Magik - Lost In Trance 049

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Eheh nice set Magik !!! AWESOME CHOONAGE !! See you next week, must wake up in 6 hours :D
just say Wouter and it's all ok to me :)
You're HUGE now.. glad it end up well! :lol:

Alright.. back to work :wall: and then some sleep hopefully tonight!

:wave: nite nite from me.. bye all, see ya around! :loveah:

:thankyou: VICKY !!!
:thankyou: Thank you Magik:clap2:

damn.... the last tune made me having trouble-typing on the keyboard,lol awesome stuff!:)

Thank you for playing
ciao ciao :wave:
missed the whole thing..... I'm gonna cry so much now :(:cry:
this was already in the playlist but someone took it away!!! im so upset now :cry: :cry:

I wanna Magik! :cry: :p