06-09-2008 Faruk Sabanci - Crossing Borderlines 032 Guestmix

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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A one hour refreshing trip crossing the borders into
Progressive House, Neotrance, Progressive Trance and Trance
Go get funky and listen ;)

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Due to a very busy schedule and the fact that i had exams until a few days ago i didn't make it to mix a set.. Also i can't be here tonight since i have to play at a party too. When I started thinking what to do i came up with the idea of letting someone else host this episode, someone who's also able to play some wicked progressive :) That person is Faruk Sabanci and i hope you'll tune in to the set, because i can tell you, it's massive :) Of course next month i will be back again with a fresh set :)


* Faruk Sabanci - Crossing Borderlines 032 Guestmix on AH.FM *

:music: reading the posts above .. .. .. :book:
tuned in :music:
I will be hosting this episode, Config didnt have enough time to mix this episode due to...., I dont remember :)

Anyways I made this mix in his sound, so you are going to have your monthly portion of groovy progressive house!

Hope to see everyone around!

:super: nice to have you around again, Faruk ! :grinning:

:music: great relaxed start .. .. .. :fishing:
Hello everyone its probably the first time youre hearing me playing in this style, see if you like it :)

01. Claes Rosen - Sweet Memories (Invisible Sounds Remix)

i like your new style... it rocks :lol: :choon:
sounds okay so far:super::)
im doing good too :smile1:

yeah the weather is doing pretty well in my area at the moment (pure sunshine :) ) thankfully no hurricanes have hit my part of the area as of yet :angel:

is it really true that its hot in spain all the time? :wow:

nop. Today the weather has been cloudy and has rained

although the weather has been better in Valencia (The east coast's Spain) with 38ºC
oops my bad :lol:

kinda new to AH :P
nonono I think there is a misunderstanding here, this is not my style at all on AH:)
I played like this so its in the style of Config :grinning:

welcome everyone :super:

nice tracks Faruk :grinning: :mml: :mml: :icecream:
Nice melodies and quite haunting:super::grinning:
ooopps my showerrrr!

see ya soon :grinning:

nice tracks :yes: