07-09-2007 M.I.D.O.R. - Exclusive Monthly Show

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:fishing: oh yes - you're tired ! :P:lol::lovers:

btw - how did you get that Winner of the Sensation White 2007 DVD ? :whistle:

Haha well...:whistle:

Did you check the link... It was a contest some time in july...Haha quite silly really. You had to post "jingle" when you heard one as the show played. We were only 3 playin'.... so much for competition:lol:

It was fun tho:)
good flowing this tracks:music::music:
eeeeeeeh prodigy :(
omg, djumaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nice set :)
haha nice jingle :lol:
* Pilpo Fadini presents Trance Feeling Sessions #05 *

ok - set is over !

have to go now

take care all - and success with your 2 articles erosphere ! :smile1:​
bluevision, de unde esti?
eram candva pe tranceaddicts.ro ... dar nu mai am timp.
yoseddy ^^
poate ne vedem la party-ul de vinerea viitoare :super::mml: