08-11-2010 Peteerson - Trance Up Your Life 091

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:: Super 8 & Tab feat. Jan Burton - Empire ( ID Remix ) ::

Jan Burton
Jan Burton
- Discographyl at Discogs :book:
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Real Name: Jan David Streater Burton

In Groups: Fatal, Syntax (4)

Profile: Electronica / Rock / Alternative
Jan Burton is an English music producer best known for his work with ex-Fluke member Mike Tournier in their joint project, Syntax. He is currently engaged in musical activities in a group called Fatal.
He also provided vocals for Dangerous Power, a song by Gabriel & Dresden

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Real Name: Miika Eloranta

Profile: Super8 is Miika Eloranta from Helsinki, Finland, who also forms one half of Aalto

Miika has produced a string of successful remixes, including Rollerball "Albinoni", Space Brothers "One More Chance" and the monstrously enormous remix of Aalto's "Rush".
Aliases: Miika Eloranta

Location: Helsinki, Etelä-Suomen lääni, Finland

DJ Tab
DJ Tab
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Real Name: Janne Mansnerus

Aliases: Janne Mansnerus
In Groups: Super8 & Tab


1469 Listeners Quoting : Peteerson Pres. Trance Up Your Life 091 on AH.FM

I guess I'd be hugging myself too if I looked like you. :lol::lol:

:devil: quoting one self :hmmm:
1483 Listeners ~ Peteerson Pres. Trance Up Your Life 091 on AH.FM

:: Jon O’Bir feat. Julie Harrington – Never Enough | Liquid Recordings ::

Jon O'Bir
Jon O'Bir
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Real Name: Neil Ribbens

Profile: Electro/Progressive/Trance DJ & producer
In Groups: Aira Force

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Time for lunch.

Shall I dine on pheasant or rack of lamb? :hmmm:
Julie! :lovers:
mmm..sweet vocal on background
vocal sweetness..
nice tune as alway's peter