08-11-2010 Peteerson - Trance Up Your Life 091

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Peter does a solid show.
yaaahhh/..... let goooooo!!!


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:: Aruna with Mark Eteson - Let Go (ID Mix) [Anjunabeats] ::

Kill the lights
I'm fading tonight
I don't wanna be here
You got me tongue-tied
Losing my mind
Every time that you're near
You know its over, we're just wasting time
In search of happy days you know we'll never find

For love, I fought, I've waited
All that I had inside, I gave it
Tried to believe, in time, I'd save it
Sometimes the truth is hard to take
There's nothing to do but walk away

Let go
Let go
Let go
Let go
:cry: Let go .. .. .. :wave:

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Real Name: Aruna Abrams

Aliases: Aruna Abrams

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

" I have waited all my life to feel this good... "

:: aruna abrams : music is my religion :) ::



23 October 2010
Upcoming Vocal Track: Aruna with Mark Eteson - Let Go

Released 25th October

Anyone who has seen her famous 'unplugged' Red Room sessions on Youtube will know just how unique and talented Aruna is. Having worked with artists like Mike Shiver, Filo & Peri and Myon & Shane 54, as well as clocking up a Beatport number 1 with 'Under Your Spell' (with Cosmic Gate), the Californian vocalist/songwriter steps out with her latest composition in the lush, contemplative vocal trance of 'Let Go'.

A deeply personal song about releasing yourself from a destructive relationship, 'Let Go' shows off Aruna's distinctive, cathartic tones perfectly with a laidback musical backing that builds into an uplifting, euphoric lead after the drop. With the help of Gods Kitchen resident Mark Eteson on production duties, 'Let Go' is a guaranteed anthem.

Taking the beauty of the song in a different direction, Nic Chagall's atmospheric rework combines pulsing progressive grooves with a mesmerising, heart-tugging piano breakdown and a beautiful release of measured melody.

A second 'Let Go' EP will be released on 22nd November, featuring a storming tech-trance remix from Who.Is, electro-house remixes from Starfarmers and a Myon and Shane 54 refill of Nic Chagall's remix.
Great info post Polar! :bravo::bravo:
Cool remix here.

1487 Listeners ~ Peteerson Pres. Trance Up Your Life 091 on AH.FM

Great info post Polar! :bravo::bravo:

:hmmm: the specific (different) remix flavour made me wait about half a minute :)

beautiful transition