09-01-2008 Sacha - X-Ray Session

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It's layered and a bit longer than to my neck :) I tried to take some pictures with my phone camera but they don't look nice so I have to wait for my friend to come back from town to borrow her camera and take some nice ones. :)

hehehe we will be waiting :) and yeah camera phones are not the greatest at taking pictures
Time for my 'night' out :) Be back soon, see you later :hug: :wave:
I put the volume up and now there are hundreds of people standing outside my window and listening to you SACHA:super:great show!!!!!!!
i'm here :mml:

if this is what i think it is!!

OMG YES!!!!!:puff:
whoooooooooooooo i like this beats now:mml::mml::mml::mml:

this tracks smells me like a classic:super:
Okay okay here we are:

Sunlounger - Whitesand (highnoon at salinas mix) [Armind]