10-01-2008 DJ Revel - Revel's Radio Show 087

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that last track was... :wow:
Since that was all that I heard, I won't vote based on that. It was too weird for words. :blink:

ClubGirl+, danmark_ori+, dfx, Dj Sacha, dj_revel, Dustwave, gotwf+, killem, Matt Trigle, Smithers, t4e+

Let's Hug It Out T4E!!! :hug:

Did you get any sleep last night?
time for Revel Replay:music:
Good morning,y´all...:wave:

Great set by Revel....awesome track atm....:super::super:
o m g ?? wth is this track ??? m d r ... sooooo funny !! hell !

Edit : ok, lol it was 10. Federico Franchi - Cream (Revel's Lords Of The Flyes Edit) ...

dunno which langague, but ... haha lmao
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