10-03-2008 Victoria's Secret 072 with Magik

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hi piccoli, yep. it's been a long time.
haven't got time to chat during the sets but always listening to.
and always great tunes.

great you made it:hug:
I'm off to bed now... Goodnight everyone, It was really fun for me :hug:
It's 12:05am and I have a 6:15am alarm :blush:

great start magik, sorry to miss ur show :(

when is the replay???

take care faustus:hug:

sleep well:hug:

tomorrow morning is the replay:)
01. Georgia - Ode To '99 (Original Mix)
02. Soliquid - Music Is For Rich People (Mat Zo Remix) :love:
:choon: :super: :choon: