12-01-2008 Robbie Schwan - In Trance We Trust 073

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what?:wow::wow: your tastes are changing or what?:lol::lol:

my friend invited me to go to a gig of his workmates band :super: its going to be fun :grinning:
I so like this tune.... :lovers: it reminds me of some older choon which I cant remember now
i am ok, enjoying the Saturday :lol:

and the bloody weekend is almost over:p

maybe u should say the bloody monday is too close now :lol:
04. Sequentia - Eclipse (Original Mix) [Enhanced Recordings]
im listen to AH and wearing my new AH contrast T-shirt just to see if my belly sticks out too much :lolz: :lol:

:music: new adventure for me : starting a new job ! First day is a pretty relaxed entering time: somewhere between 10:00 and 11:00 should be okay :lol:

im very happy for your new job :hug: whats that btw?