13-06-2008 Will Holland - Enhanced Radio Show June 2008

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It's either talk to myself or let the voices in my head converse unhindered.

Hi! :wave:

:wave: me thinks the scheduled show is gonna kick in anytime now

can't wait for Will's set for UK In The Mix at the end of the month :super:

I'm taking the rest of the day/night off. I done good today. Woot! :super: :cat:
Okay. I've rewarded myself with chocolate covered pretzels. Pretty soon ... pool time. :grinning: :cat:


Everybody all post at once, why don't ya'll. :mask:
I guess that Europe went to bed and America is eating dinner. :mask: :cat:
I guess so. I'm the only one here. :(
Okay. Pool time. :)

Great show, Will. Thanks. (kiss) :grinning: :cat: