13-12-2007 Simon Steur - Breaking Free Radio 014 with Ingo

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better late than never :tongue:

just in time for markus :mml:

yeah stupid work needing to get done at that point in time :lol:
well see if its his usual proggy sounds
last track now, hope all have enjoyed!

final tracklist:

Simon Steur:
01. Lsb - Original Highway Delight (Mungolian Jet Set's Miami Camp Mix) [Eskimo Recordings]
02. Jonas Steur - I Know [Black Hole]
03. Deetron - I Cling (Aril Brikha Remix) [Music Man Records]
04. PUZIQUe - Don't Go! [Boys Noize Records]
05. John Dahlback - Hustle Up [Pickadoll]

1. Hardsoul - Self Religion (Believe in me ) (Mark Knight Remix) [Defected]
2. H.O.S.H - White Elephant [Kindisch]
3 Butch - On the line (Oxia remix) [Great Stuff]
4. Joy Kitikonti Presents Charlie Brown & Peter Wag - Angelico [Footlovers Music]
5. Sebastien Leger - Terra (Earth) [Mistakes Music]
i just don't like the way Distantland writes about everything different than uplifting trance...

I understand, distantland loves uplifting, so do I :)
we just dont like seeing drops due to a gendre AH does not advertise we play.

AH... Best in Trance & Progressive.
minimal, house, techno

Ive no problem with trancy house, just don't want some funky groovy crap

And prog trance ftw
I didn't realize this was the last episode.

While I have to admit that I preferred the earlier editions of BFR to the current style, I still want to thank Simon for the shows he's played for us, and to give him some props for his changing styles. I remember one in particular a few months ago that was super dark that I quite enjoyed.

Simon, thanks, cheers and good luck! :thumbsup:
i believe it'll be great :mml:

see but the delima is i am damn hungry and want to listen to markus schulz, but my stomach is not to happy with that decision!
really sad.. I believe Simon's set was really good today, very melodic.. A shame he has to go too, pretty painful last 2 months these have been for us :(

I hope the fans liked Simon's show today, I really support the fact that he's playing the music he likes himself, instead of playing tracks the big jocks like.

To bad this has to go