14-07-2008 From The Outside 018 Laan & Jddavid86

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Awesome job David. Def deserves a replay and I cant wait to dl to jam in my car!
thank you all for tuning!!!!
:cry:oh no. It's over!

amazing set David.

Thank you so much!

I loved it! :hug:
:super::super:A BIG APPLAUSE TO DAVID!!!!:super::super:

Both mixes were great,definately like to hear this colaboration again!!

i'm off now mates

time dinner :mml:

byeeeee :wave: :hug:
thanks Laan for hearing me

well don't forget people to thanks Laan too to have David in his show

i gotta go too,see you all later people:wave:

and thanks again:music:

thanks Laan for this opportunity:beer2:
* Victoria - Connected 087 on AH.FM ~ Now Listening: 737 *

i delay to show up but i dont forget here never!! :hug: :grinning:

:hug: you're not forgotten, transistor :grinning:

thanks Laan and jddavid86 for a most lovely set - enjoyed the two hours to the max ! :clap:
And your track ' Stellar Movement ' is a cool example of your abilities, jddavid86 !