15-04-2008 George Vemag - Waves of Euphoria 030

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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The unique experience in progressive and trance scene! GEORGE VEMAG promises to continue the unexpectable radioshow with fresh tunes from the future of dance music! This radioshow includes mixes from the biggest names in trance,techno and progressive and offers you the expected quality!

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hi ;) thanx for tuning in
alright lets see what George has for us :mml:
Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice start :music:

Doh says hello to all of you :smile1:

haha cool present i bought the same one as a present recently :grinning:

ok wont ask more what kept you awake :lol:

Well, we were watching Lee Evans' stand - ups ;) :mask:
some new tunes ;)

and my new production "Mentalita" that is goin to be released on Bonzai Records
I doing good today....it's the 2nd show I been able to get to.....seems like Driver's Ed when I was 17....:driver::lolz::LMAO:

Hey Pic, AARP sent me a letter telling me I can join the 50 -54 years old junior group, what do you think I should do....I know what Rob would say :lolz:
:lol:Not sure what to say Tom

LOve these sounds:choon:
Picco!!! The guy who knows everything: who's that sexy voice that just talked???:mask:
Tom with your junior membership do you get a sample pack of viagra and a bottle of hair dye?
If so, she was Marcie
You'd say "go out to a club with good music, dance your a$$ off & party till they throw you out!:dancing::beer::chair:
Speaking of that they had to stop the dj from playing saturday night he went over the time limit by 45 minutes,webster hall was getting pissed off:lol::super:

Thought they were going to physically throw him off the stage,good times:)
Liking this,good stuff George!!:grinning: