15-04-2008 George Vemag - Waves of Euphoria 030

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Depends on the labels and how easily they want to accept Djs in their promo pools. I haven't been an owner of a label to tell you exactly how and why they accept or deny Djs. But I can assure you isn't easy to get into... at least in the majority of the labels

In any case, it is a very nice melodic sound that U play right now!!!:grinning:
Yeah... Midway Classix.... fresh remix
A 10 pack of Viagra & ½ of a toupee, no hair dye:rofl:
They don't let you have the Real Deal untill 55 & up! :lolz:
I see you've gotten all the details together:whistle:

the reason for my logging in when my show is on it to hear your opinions... as i have said many times till now I think that Djs play for people not for their own pleasure only.
Well versed,I say well versed:clap2:
And here's the outro ;)

Tracklist will be placed a bit later on my official site :) thanx to all of you guys! See you soon!
very nice set :super:
Greetings from Genova, Italy!
I´m here now...:mml:

Hello, everyone...:wave::hug: