16-03-2008 JzL - Diatonic Chromatica

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OMG..love it...INXS - Afterglow :love:
heya t4e .. good to see ya here ..

shoutz went out to ya :)

yeah, thank you :)...i think i heard my name twice, in both forms..forum and real name :tongue:
hehehe...Mr White :mml:
ONE OF THE BEST VoCal MIXEz I EVER HEARD HERE!!!!!!!1 HOLY JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POWER LEVEL 9000!!!!!!!!! VEGETA!!!!!!!!
^^ too much of that special tea again Hallucinogen? :lol:
hailz to Bjorn .. i see you lurking bro :)

Summer Dreams..its all we can have in Canada right now :lol:

a few more weeks and the snow will be gone ...... hopefully ;)
forget it...we're stuck in Ice Age, i'm selling my car and getting a mammoth LMAO
lol ya and sell our houses for igloos hahahah
isn't it what most of our neighbors think we live in? :lol:

In Poland we had maybe 1-2 weeks of snow, this year winter was very dry
ya ....

but little do they know that we can sell freezers to eskimos who buy the so called igloos from us LMAO

its been a long weekend lol