17-11-2010 Orkidea - Radio Unity 023

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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DJ Orkidea @ Radio Unity 023 - 17.11.2010
01. Holden & Thompson : Nothing (Beetseekers Autumn Rain Mix)
02. Shiloh : Landmine Hopscotch (Soundprank 'Aperture' Mix)
03. Eelke Kleijn : Music In My Pants
04. Hans Zimmer : Time (Orkidea's Dream Mix)
05. Rachael Starr & David Vendetta : Holding On (Moonbeam Remix)
06. Jerome Isma-Ae & Paul Thomas : Tomorrow
07. Hybrid : Disappear Here (Andy Moor Dub)
08. Super8 & Tab feat. Jan Burton : Empire (Mike Shiver's Garden State Mix)
09. MEM : Forza (Original mix)
10. Astrix : Harbour Candy (Remix)

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Real Name: Antti Tapio Hakanen

Alias: Tapio Hakanen

Location: Helsinki, Finland

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This month’s Radio Unity had 65 great tracks shortlisted for inclusion and once again it was not an easy task to pick the ten to be featured. The show will be quite a journey from 120 bpm chilled and spacey atmospheres into full on 140bpm psy-trance. This time it’s mainly the heavy hitters of the scene like Andy Moor, Astrix, James Holden, Shiloh and Jerome Isma-ae who are responsible for my favorite tracks of November 2010. There are also three tracks originating (more or less) from Finland. Please join the live stream and discussion on Afterhours.fm board Wednesday evening 21-22 CET or Saturday night 23-00 finnish time in NRJ At The Club or just chillax and download the podcast on Sunday.

* Show: DJ Orkidea: Radio Unity 023
* Time: 3rd Wed of the month @ 21-22 CET (22-23 FIN time)
* Live streams and chat: Leading Trance Radio - Afterhours
* Podcast in iTunes: Radio Unity - Download free podcast episodes by DJ Orkidea on iTunes.
* Old podcasts, tracklists and direct downloads: Radio Unity
Love the psy trance (and breaks & drum n bass) "listening episodes" in Radio Unity the last couple of episodes :megacrazy: Will definitely tune in as always, hopefully I can be here on the forums as well!

See you at showtime!
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If this episode is anything like the live set in Helsinki last Friday it's gonna be great :)
:) :music:
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It will be great tune I'm sure )
Holden & Thompson – Nothing (ID remix)

Holden & Thompson
Holden & Thompson
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Real Name: James Alexander Goodale Holden & Julie Donna Thompson

Members: James Holden, Julie Thompson

James Holden
James Holden
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Julie Thompson
Julie Thompson
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Real Name: Julie Donna Thompson

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Lovely start :wub:
Good evening everybody. Welcome and nice to (kinda) see you all here. The global nature of this forum always excites me!