18-07-2008 Live Broadcast Luminosity


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May 1, 2006
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This is another live broadcast, this will be without dancefoundation, so its strict broadcast only :)


22:00-23:15 Vast Vision
23:15-00:30 Signum
00:30-01:45 Galen Behr
01:45-03:00 Mark Norman
03:00-04:45 Aly & Fila
04:45-06:00 Re-Ward
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first post:P


lineup looks great
Aly & fila \o/ Uplifting trance:)

some good prog artists also,

I like re wards dark sounds:mask:

gona be another great special show on afterhours
looking forward to mark norman :tongue:

expect no fluff from them :mask:
ohhh yeah AH is becoming to be the official radio for live shows:super:

lovinng it:mml:

but it's 15th or 18th?:blink:

the flier says 18th:confused:
Aw man, i thought it was really gonna be on the 15th, it wouldve been cool cuz the 15th is my birthday.
come on ppl ...where's the CET Times :)
can some one put a time start ..i'm in south florida.. don't wanna miss this one ....thank you .
waiting... :mml: