19-03-2008 AuraSF - Progressive Experience

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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AuraSF Pres. Progressive Experience
3rd Wednesday Monthly
18:00 - 20:00 EST
23:00 - 01:00 GMT
00:00 - 02:00 CET

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11p-1a GMT | Midnight – 2am CET | 4p-6p PST | 7p-9p EST


Our Guests this month are:
Adam Sheridan & Johan Gielen

This month we again have 2 International Superstars to commemorate WMC Month: Adam Sheridan & Johan Gielen

At just 24 Adam has achieved so much. His unique performances using Ableton live have left crowds stunned and wanting more. Next year will see him release new music on Vandit. Named after Adam’s recent trip to Columbia, “Ocaso” will be his first single for Paul Van Dyk’s internationally acclaimed label. His own record imprint Soundstage music will also be moving up a gear with “Supernova” being the first release to kick start 2008, this track is already a hot record for a number of big name DJs and a favourite right across the global club scene! So with record labels already set up, club nights in the making, performances being heard and talked about all over the world and a brand new radio show starting on Paul Van Dyk’s Voync radio, 2008 is looking to be Adams best year to date!
Often referred to as one of the Dutch Ambassadors of dance by his fans, Johan is not only a worldwide performer but also an accomplished producer. His music is continually supported by every possible name in the industry and he has worked with everyone from Boy George, Thrillseekers, Delerium and Tiesto. He has repeatedly performed at almost every major dance music festival, rave and super club our planet has to offer. The long list includes Dance Valley, ID&T: Sensation White, Sunrise Festival, The Guvernment. Space, Godskitchen and he is the only artist to have performed 14 times at the prestigious Trance Energy. There are a few select DJ’s that carry the Superstar persona and Johan Gielen is included in this elite group.

Adam Sheridan

Johan Gielen

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i always wanted to hear johan gielen style,i´ll wait till the end of the set

love this one