19-03-2008 AuraSF - Progressive Experience

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Johan is the best entertainer ever :super:

i saw him last year at The Guv...just awesome :super:

hmmm...nice t-shirt on the guy on his left LMAO


hi t4e:hug:

Okay everyone, I am off. Have some things I need to take care of. Enjoy the rest of the show! Johan Gielen is coming right up in the next few mins......

take care:grinning:
oh i know this track,but can´t remember its name:hmmm:
Markus Schulz Feat. Departure - Cause You Know :wub:

Do you hear me when I weep?
Cause I search, I search for peace
If I should die within my sleep
So you know, hold me

Nothing but you can taste so sweet
Do I go? Are you with me?
Cause you know I’m in too deep
Cause you know, know me
BK & Lee Haslam-Sticks Stoned :mml:
w00t...SVD-Riff :mml:
great show :super: