19-10-2007 Jonathan Martin - Evolution 006 with Mike Mikhjian

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for me its sound like the Original..... but what I know :lol:

Yeah, I do the same as you. Artist - Track, and don't include the mix, that way you don't put yourself out there to get shot down like Laan just did. :)

But actually, my IDs are usually bad enough that I get shot down anyway! :lol:
Who Will Find Me (Main Mix) :wub: :love:
Nice show so far
GOOD Transition! :mml:
How R ya?? ..... Im enjoying this show so far.......and this beautifull day here at work!!! PAYDAY! :super::super:

im doing great today!!!! my boss got fired today :super: :lol:
if it was payday also... I think I would be passed out by now :lolz: