19-12-2007 AuraSF - Progressive Experience 014 with Galen Behr & Scott Binder

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Totally diggin these electro vibes Scott's been delivering...:super::choonalert::ah:
Hey everyone,

Just looked back at the thread now. Just to clarify, some of you listened to a replay of the show and weren't sure if Galen played some dirty electro house.

I think some of y'all did explain it but just in case there are still questions, I think some of you may have started listening in the second hour of the show, which was not Galen Behr but in fact Scott Binder.

Anyhow, looks like you guys enjoyed the set.

Hopefully, for those of you who missed Galen's set, you will get a chance to hear a replay again at some point.

Tune in again next month on the 3rd Wednesday. We are going to bring you another 2 hours of Musical Mayhem!!!