19-12-2007 Joni Ljungqvist - External Art 011 with Ruben de Ronde

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i can vote massive from now. awesome start :choonalert:
hahaha damn talking about food, i skipped breakfast and now i am starving
I love cosmetics from FCUK :D actually i love all the cosmetics... i'm a cosmetic freak.. :lol: and I'm addicted to Boots...

i guess Boots is every girl church :lol:
You have good memory :tongue: but I lost this one.. I loved this picture... and now I can't find it on pc, and I don't have contact with my ex who was the photograph.. :cry:

Guess spending 20 grand on school has paid off for once! :LMAO:

Hmmm, thats a damn shame. It was a pretty hawt avatar hun! :)

Great show!

pm polar. i wouldn't be surprised if didn't have copy stashed somewhere in igloo archives