19-12-2007 Joni Ljungqvist - External Art 011 with Ruben de Ronde

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mixing out of this world, this set needs something higher than only massive for sure. :wow:


Joni Ljungqvist pres
External Art

with Ruben de Ronde


nice eye candy, t4e :hug:

I'm here!!!!

+1 ...

i am waiting for you guys:mml:

was trying to catch up with last thread... lol... getting to be like di prime time hereabouts... :rofl:
and Superdrug sometimes... I can't wait to spend money from my Advantage Card.. Almost £20... :super:

I think I havent walked past Boots with a girl ever :lol:
who doesn't like cosmetics :mask:

Guys? everyone who's coming to my room is like : Oh my God.. You have half of Boots here.. Let's see what's this.. Why you have five mascaras ? Oh, and what the hell is a mascara?! :lol: I love it :)