2006|06|30 DJIntel - Deep, Dark, and Dysfunctional (AH 2 Hour Special)


Jun 18, 2006
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Hello all and welcome to another crazy Friday,many sets going on today and I just happen to be the last one, after DJ Alex. I go on 4-6 EST, which is 10PM-12AM CET, if i'm not mistaken. This set is an all vocal, 2 hour mix and the tracklist will be put up in real time, 18 songs, so quite a few. This is geared towards dark beautiful vocals and I feel it represents myself very well. So tune in and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

02.Deepest Blue - Is It A Sin (Cicada Stadium Remix)
03.Dave Seaman pres. Group Therapy feat. Nat Leonard - My Own Worst Enemy (Walsh Coutre Remix)
04.Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence (Shane 54 Mix)
05.Filo & Peri feat. Fisher - Ordinary Moment (Midnight Mix)
06.Filterheadz pres. Orange 3 - Your Eyes (Pillow One Deep Mix)
07.DJ Hooligan - Hear You Now (Humate Mix)
08.Emjay - Stimulate (Dogzilla Remix)
09.Coldplay - Fix You (DJ Shah Remix)
10.Way Out West - Don't Forget Me (Guy Ehmetores Remix)
11.Paul Oakenfold feat. Tiff Lacey - Hypnotised (Deepsky Club Mix) ***Vocal of the Week***
12.DJ Tatana feat. Joanna - If I Could (Ronski Speed Remix)
13.Ferry Corsten - Beautiful
14.Coldplay - Swallowed In the Sea (Freek Geuze Gues Blue Wave Remix)
15.Matt Darey feat. Tiff Lacey - Always (Matt Darey Extended Club Mix)
16.Matt Hardwick vs. Smith & Pledger - Connected (Original Mix) ***Classic of the Week***
17.York - Farewell to the Moon (Airwave Remix)
18.Ronski Speed vs. Oceanlab feat. Justine Suissa - E.O.S. Satellite (Laptop DJ Mashup)
19.Markus Schulz - You Won't See Me Cry 2005
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I hope I'm awake to catch this! Will still have to see what time its on in my area.
hope we get a lot of people friday since there's many sets going on, spread the word guys!
2006|06|30 DJIntel - Deep, Dark, and Dysfunctional (AH 2 Hour Special)

i guess djs should post their sets on the day of air not 4 days before ...
anyhow :)
since it wasn't posted on the homepage or the calendar i decided to advertise early on, lol
I wish it really was a Friday, then it means there would be no work tommorrow for me. >P
don't forget people tomorrow, please try to be there, if you can't and still want to listen to the set i'll send you a link
w00t this is after Dj Alex...

Tomorrow :
Mike Noir
Dj Alex
Dj Intel
going to be a busy day tomorrow, be sure to catch all of these sets..going to be awesome
I'm sure this will be awesome dude!

Btw - how come its not showing up in the list of "Upcoming Sets for the Next 5 days" section?
i don't know because i randomly ask dan if i can do a set on a particular day and he's a busy guy, so who knows
hopefully, ill be here for the set! Im not out yet, but you never know what happens on a friday :P
nice set from mike, been a good day so far, i go up in a little over 45min so stay tuned