2006|09|08 Mike Noir Presents Wave Of Sound 013

thx Acurio :D and i hope the rest of listeners liked it as well :) cu next week and im w8ing for comments :D cu :D
6. Savannah - Savannah La Mar (Sunlounger Mix)
8. Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms (Club Mix)

the best tracks from your set :D

Luke Blanc: heh "Prima club" you say :D:D:D:D I don't know.....
mike noir aka bog trance'u _o_ in the mix, ;)

rotflllll ;P hehe mike really nice set like always, but today i like it even more, cos was in my fav style, andddd of course cos of totw and cotw ;) perry owns this time :p

so see ya next week ;)