2006|11|18 Nitrous Oxide Presents Accelerate Sessions 016

Love this track - sound is perfect - 1hr 43mins in
urgent beat into an excellent track - a bit faster - faster - very urgent
sounds great
This is brilliant - new to me - really like this
this track gives your ears a clean out - brill
this would be a great track to end this excellent set
could be a spelling mistake there - who cares, sorry
big drum and sound effects - great stuff - great beat
Well I dont believe it - this track is even better than the
last one and that was awesome, run out of words to
describe these brilliant tracks and the handling of
them by Nitrous Oxide - what a night end.
recorder scale is right in the red - but still the sound is great.
thought we had ended but they are dragging a few more minutes
out of it - once again awesome.
If you dont listen to all the 2 hours show listen to the last
10 minutes and be blown away.
Awesome stuff - roll on the next N20 show