2006|11|18 Nitrous Oxide Presents Accelerate Sessions 016

excellent beat takes us away - sound is great
you dont have to play this set loud but it certainly makes a difference if you do
the mixing between the perfect tracks is brilliant, seamless
this is a particular excellent track 1hr 15mins in
they come and they go - the music stays brilliant stuff
well I thought it was a great track intro - the track is still great
the obligatory female vocal - not that bad at all
I didn't say good - I just said not that bad at all (prefer Girl Nobody a very apt
name in more ways than one for a female vocalist)
very nice light track with a lovely little beat - great
Yes I did say great, but I think I should have said excellent - yes
excellent thats the word.
Now this is awesome again - beat top drawer - sound excellent - rack
it up - brilliant
they could play that intro track all night for me
yes even this one down a beat or two - brill
they did this on the 18 Nov set - not impressed then either.