2006|11|27 ReGenesis pres. Extended Reality


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May 1, 2006
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This world is watchin me - not a bad track - some

beaty music backing her up(in the nicest way)
I must turn the volume down the sound is a bit harsh.
better without the stuttering vocal - could be quite heavy
see its a great beat - dance for life or of life - remix?
you can play this beat all night for me
and the beat goes on and on and on - great stuff
that was really a great track such a great beat - excellent stuff
smooth intro building up to maybe a great track - well not to bad

a track - dont know it
this could be better - that was a bit shaky
much better beat and great sound as well
same great beat at the transition - its a really great beat
great intro into a brilliant track - sound is a lot better now