2006|11|27 ReGenesis pres. Extended Reality

Great beat moving us into the final track - and its a great

one as well.
This set IMO is a set of 2 halves the first half was exploratory and

adventurous, some paid off some didn't - the second half was great

stuff - great beaty tracks - full sound tracks - excellent tracks to

get your teeth into and a couple of just beat beat beat tracks and

these were tremendous - well I liked them a lot, they went on and on

and I never wanted them to stop - the last 2 tracks finished off a

brilliant set which I nearly never got to hear just by accident I

checked the web page and decided to have a listen glad I did

thanks for a great show. It was very enjoyable.

I was obviously wrong that was not the last track - not having

a tracklist just guessing - there's a story there - I think I was right

you're just beating out - maybe - if not the beat is great and you

can fill in the next hour with it.
That was really something else - brilliant stuff - just checked to see if

you are doing a 2 hour or a 1 hour show - it says 1 hour - I don't

care - keep the great stuff coming - hope there's a title for that last

just been back to see if I missed a transition into the next show - but

no its still you 'Regenesis' - you give your full money's worth - this is

awesome now - the best of the lot - sound exquisite - beat awesome

track selection top drawer
should be doing a round up of the set now but I did that at 5 to 11

and then we had 16 mins of absolute brilliant music, brilliant sound,

brilliant track selection, what a finish - awesome.

thanks a lot for so much enjoyment.

cheers until next month.
Armin van Buuren vs Rank 1 feat. kush - This World Is Watching Me
Tiesto feat. Maxi Jazz - Dance4Life (Sander van Doorn Remix)
Ron van der Beuken - Access (Randy Katana Remix)
Jesselyn - Distance
E Craig - Home (Dub Mix)
Carl B - Social Suicide (Original Mix)
Sean Tyas - Lift (Original Mix)
Will Holland vs Six Senses - Frantic (Sean Tyas Remix)
Stoneface & Terminal - Sidewinder
Nick Sentience & John Askew - Mind Control (Thomas Bronzwaer Mix)

Apologies for the late posting of the tracklist, unfortunatley a dead modem was to blame
Thanks for the track list.

great show btw.