2006|12|06 Config Pres Retrovisions 010 XL! With Guestmix by Koris vs Djule !

oh well oh well...what I could say,10/10 or 50 out of 50 stars,my luck I was tuned in and have been able to catch this set,what Dave said congrats Config&Guest really enjoyed much every bit of the show,big bows for you, thanks very much for playing

Now I am going offline dudes you all have a great one and nite nite;)

09. Stoneface and Terminal - Another Day
awesome tune!!

gone now! cya

After this show everyone in here will know how it feels to be a complete trancemaniac
ehehe....:) I am and damn great with it
Well I stayed to the end Stella and Config and I am so pleased I did - excellent
company and excellent music - thank you so much

So Spamming is good?
Someone else said that about me and I thought it was bad(old
style bad not the new style) - would appreciate an answer - it would sort out a few
things for me.
It seems that I missed out on something. Great job judging the tracklists of both hours.
And good to see so many great comments. Way to go dude :super:
06. Andain - Beautiful Things (Have a Break, Have a K&D Mix)

wow what a choon OMG help me