2006|12|06 Config Pres Retrovisions 010 XL! With Guestmix by Koris vs Djule !


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Jun 23, 2006
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2006|12|06 Config Pres Retrovisions 010 XL! With Guestmix by Koris vs DJule !

Hi , welcome to episode 10 of Retrovisions!!
This episode will be VERY special because i managed to get an extra hour for my show today , which will be filled by a very EXCLUSIVE guestmix by KORIS vs DJULE !
People in the scene will most likely know these guys: Their track 'Orange Dub' has been hammered by Airwave and such, and their newest track 'Green Spirit' was playlisted on Anjunabeats worldwide! They also did a remix of Andain (have break, have a K&D remix) which will be released on Blackhole very soon. They play lots of different styles, searching for funky melodies and groovy basslines. You can expect a steaming set ! Check out their website too: www.myspace.com/korisvsdjule , be sure to check out those samples. I'll do the warmup this time with a nice progressive trance set. don't miss this !



1st Hour: Config


01. Sultan & Tone Depth ft. Stephanie Vezina - Broken (Stel & Good Newz Remix)
02. Retroid - Snowdrop (Micah's Snowglobe Ski Instructor Mix)
03. The Greek ft. Stephanie Vezina - Alive (G-Pal Funky Dub Mix)
04. Madoka - Distant Memories (Matthew Dekay Remix)
05. Descent - Lost Feeling
06. Snake Sedrick - Aha (Jaytech Remix)
07. Jody Wisternoff - Nostalgia (Remix)
08. Matt Rowan & Jaytech - Tomorrow
09. Signum vs Gorillaz - The Timelord Feels Good (DJule Mashup)

2nd Hour: Koris vs DJule (Exclusive Guestmix)


01. Cream Sound - Always (Stereotip Mix)
02. Koris vs DJule Presents K&D - Orange Dub (Original Oudoor Mix)
03. Jorn Van Deynhoven - Godspeed
04. Koris vs DJule present K&D - Green Spirit (Original Mix)
05. David West - Make U Mine (Mike Shiver Dub Mix)
06. Andain - Beautiful Things (Have a Break, Have a K&D Mix)
07. Armin van Buuren - Wall of Sound (Airbase pres. Parc Remix)
08. Freek Geuze pres. Oradea - Silvertwist
09. Stoneface and Terminal - Another Day

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Nice & nice guest. I sadly gonna miss this :(
will be tunes mate!! should be MASSIV!
great steady beat - seductive vocals - like them both
just noticed my foot has not stopped tapping for over 16 minutes - excellent stuff