2006|12|16 Kupelian Presents Ecstatic Music E05 :: Guest :: Hisham Zahran

lovely beat even though we have a female vocal as well - sound is
very good as well
something for everyone you can't beat that
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I sometimes play these tracks through the 2 rh speakers
no lh at all and the female vocalists fade into the ether.
to be fair this is quite a nice track, possibly because the sound
is so good
ya and the danish berlin remix is awesome too have u heard it
this track is certainly only coming through the rh speakers - loud
the sound is so good - clear so very clear
a bit faster now - same clear sound - beat is great
David Forbes - new one to me - like the piano and the great beat
Well you certainly select some different sounds - this Orkedia
track is a good example of something different - great bit
of piano hidden in there - this develops into a great track
pumping pumping sound - must be a concert pianist - brill
as I said it does develop into a brilliant track - for me this
is the best track of the set so far.