2006|12|16 Kupelian Presents Ecstatic Music E05 :: Guest :: Hisham Zahran

H: we have 5 members now - told you it was a great set.
Of course you already knew - I was just confirming it for you.
07. Nick Thompson - Strategos (Original Mix)

my fav track of 06 hands down such a killer bassline :)
Thanks for that just been back a page to find out what the track was.

well the sound is brilliant - lovely beat as well
yes the bassline is just emerging - sound is so clear - love
this lopping along beat.
An excellent sounding track - hang on a female has arrived -
Oh thats not so bad not a lot of words for her to sing - and the
backing is brilliant
love the backing though it just goes along in a beautiful beaty way.
a different beat now - not to loud - like this - good intro piano
cant go wrong with a piano intro - very nice sound now that
everything is going even a female vocalist
now its a full fledged vocal - sound is great
well thanks a lot Hisham for an excellent set which I really enjoyed
the high spot was the brilliant sound and excellent mixing.
excellent work all the best in the future - so until I hear you
again all the very best.
nearly went but when I heard this sound - checked and found
we had one to go - sounds like an instrumental, a bit of a Hip Hop
sound which is great for me - I had a quick glimpse of the title
but rushed back I think it was Vladim(maybe a Russian) something
anyway its a great urgent beating track and judging by the clock
the final track so its a great track to finish off an excellent set.
Sound,beat, track selection in all was very good.
Definitely going this time - goodnight :H
I reckon I have just listened to a remix of this track on the
N20 show - Dirt Crew - Domino - I could be wrong but it
sounds like the same words, music is a bit different but
this is a nice vocal melody either way - yes like it - very
surprising, yes even to me.

Dirt Crew - Domino

just checked the Nitrous Oxide set from last night and this track
is on it - 1hr 25mins 23secs in to the set - and yes it gets better each time
I hear it.

Its a draw on N20's version and Kupelian's - 2 great shows last
night which most of you missed. Pity it was brilliant.