21-12-2007 Jonathan Martin - Evolution 008 with Orange Project

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and maybe you can tell me what's wrong with another one... i've bought cooler for socet a/370, put it on cpu, plug in... it does work, but i still hear a 'bleep', just like when there wasn't any working cooler :|

the pc speaker makes bleep... bleeeep. bleeeeeep. and nothing on the screen???? i gonna send you a pm so we can talk without postwhore this thread with technical information ;)
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Good morning to all!
Tuned Hey! peeps! :)

Hey everyone!


Damn I love this current track! What is it?

:wave:c00l.d00d, djabstraction, franz101, gizmo76, Tomek

Good morning to all!

Yellow.. and yellow... and yellow :) :hug:s

This is excellent. :grinning: :dancing::ah::cat:
Good day to you imihihere (tis afternoon in UK, hurrah!), how are you doing today?

doing good here Abstraction. It's morning time here, just enjoying my coffee and AH.fm. :music:
Nice mashup!! :super: :choon:
Don´t belong :wub: