22-07-2007 Titu present Melting Point 006


Apr 22, 2007
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This sunday, 22nd of July Melting Point 006 is broadcasted on afterhours.fm (4-5 pm CET)
Deep, proggy sounds from reference artists such us V-sag, Tarkan, Sultan, Lumen, Micali etc are played every 4th sunday of the month.

I see ya there!

More info: www.titu.tk

tuned in!! :)
1. Matthew Adams - No More Anymore (Original Mix) [Toes in the sand]
Chooned in!!! Hi Titu, ready to enjoy some of your sweet progressive sounds :D

No more, anymore!! Rings a bell hehe CHOON! :choon:
2. Fantastic 2 - Other People (DJ Tarkan Mix) [No smoking recordings]
Soft mixing, quality progressive tunes... this is Melting Point!! :D
hey Titu you sounding pretty great proggy,beautiful sounds! Also,I have had a look at your website and it's very nice
welcome btw and best luck with your new show here @ AH.fm!
ciao ciao:hello:
3. Deepsky - Always on my mind (Snake sedrick remix) [White Label]
Thank you very much Stella...I hope youenjoy the show. Thank you very much to all AH staff for the opportunity.
I'm so sorry Titu but i gotta leave.. you know:$ Superb show at the moment!! Congrats mate!:D
you all enjoy with Melting Point!!
4. Lustral - Many years from now (D-nox and Beckers remix) [Baroque]