23-05-2007 Dave Nadz presents Moments Of Trance 016

Nice set Dave ;), See you next time, bye all

Here is tunes I enjoy the more :

02. Digital Nature & Manuel Le Saux - Overwings (Michael Angelo And Jim Remix) CAMOUFLAGE
03. ID - ID EXCLUSIVE :wow::wow::wow:
07. Lost Witness vs Sassot - Whatever (Aly & Fila Remix) ARMADA promo
09. Volition presents Evolver - Evolver 2007 (Selu Vibra Mix) SOMATIC SENSE
Unfortumately I was not able to listen to your set due to an excessive amount of work that needed to be done. Work sucks, I wish I was rich so I could listen to trance whenever I please!! Anyhow, I hope to catch your show when it will replay later on. According to what I've read, it sounded like an awesome set.