26-05-2007 Ian Holing - Mind Trance 008 With Aly & Fila and a Present!

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2007-05-26 20:05:00 IST

BassT4ken!!!! For his post number 35!! congratulations ;) I will contact with you by aftehours mail tool.

For all the rest hope you had enjoyed the show and remember that today all people wins! you can download a free track called "Blue Wave" from my website:


and if you are interested you can purchase my new album in the shop:


Thanks for all to be tuned! until the next show!
When I will talk again!

Hey, you are spanish I see... After the belgian final cup, I will watch FC Barcelona - Getafe ; I'm barca's fan since I'm 6 :D Hope you're not for Real Madrid ^^

OMG sorry to deviate from the main topic, the trance :)
Thank you all :) was nice show !

Will be there next time ;)