29-04-2009 Polonia in the Mix 007

Which sets you like best?

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Miller ehh, ok as Dj, he can do better. #1 producer tho. Tiddey gread producer, havend heard his sets. Recay massive producer, Arctic Moon and N20 both are massive as Dj's and Producers.

Hensha \o/ massive producer :super: and Sclavonia omg :)
talking about sclavonia, is Thalia released yet?
mexicans are kings of mash-ups tho.:rofl: thats what i noticed:lol:

i will make one also. :lol:

wow Jacs has one mashup but can't remember the title and I lost this track :lolz: and it was the only mashup one I really liked :lol:

best are mines tho :lol: Oceania - Always (Oceania Remix) :lolz: I'm still laughing at it with Nav :)