31-01-2008 Marcus Schulz Presents GDJB

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hello family !!

Ah is growing strong, aiming for domination of best quality !!
thank you all for massive support

:super: that's great news Dan!! Im spreading the word out to friends about this great website. And I will show my support next friday by wearing my AH shirt in Markus Schulz's concert! :super: I've only been hear just over 2 months now, and im really enjoying my stay here! :grinning:
same here, but i hear some proressive tracks if they are good, when i want to relax:music:

uplifiting progg owns on those lazy after work days!! were all you need is a cold beer and the nice sounds blasting off the stereo
ok i'm off going home:super:

see you all later:grinning:
:mml: hi hi
and im back
man is been a while since I've listened to GDJB
i made it home in one piece w00t :mml: