Afterhours is 2 months old .... :)


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May 1, 2006
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Today is the day were 2 months old, would like to say that its been great so far and I would like to personally thank everyone in here for making it happen. What have we accomplished in 2 months?

45 djs
3 servers ( 1 USA, 2 European ) + 1 more soon ( you will see a list of our servers )

We now have 45 Djs,, some big names and names that are trying to get big a mix of both.

I will continue to do my best to have this community grow and make afterhours become a station with quality and a very enjoyable place.

Once again I would like to thank everyone on the forums, djs, and close friends for making this happen, please dont stop cause there is alot more work left ahead :) :ah:
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wee, been two months already... This is just gonna grow bigger and bigger! Great job Dan, keep it up ;)
W00t w00t.. keeep it up dan !!

we all love u !!

dont we guys and girls !??!?! :)
Proud to be a memeber or part of this wonderful comunity
Keep it up Dan gr8 work til now:ah:
Hey Dan,

Happy 2 months! :party:

You really have come a LONG way in such a short time. Keep up the good work and I'm sure that will become a larger success than it already is.

Will try to help where I can :)


-pand :groovy:
Everything going fine, all we need now is too wait for more listeners! Glad we got 45 very good djs and 3 servers already less than few months! Cheers! :)
Hey!!! 2 months? wow.. time goes very quickly when enjoy, I've listened a lots of great sessions in this time and I'm sure I will listen better ones in the future!

Thanks for this great time!
Overdose said:
W00t w00t.. keeep it up dan !!

we all love u !!

dont we guys and girls !??!?! :)

Yeah fantastic work you're doing Dan, and everyone who is doing their part in promoting the site/forum.
2 months, and you have accomplished so much! And I'm sure there is MUCH MUCH more to come! Keep up the great work Dan! =]

When reaches 1year should have a BIG long celebration set with all our DJs haha.
Thanks guys for great replies... im trying my best.
wow.. cant believe its been two months already, times just flying by.

cheers to 2 great months and many more to come.. :ah:
Congradulations bro,

I remember the first week when I messaged you about AH, and look, it's been 2 months already. And it feels like it's been only 2-3 weeks. See how fast time goes by in life? Keep counting the days, you know why? because one day you will remember the people who are with you when they leave, remember that - and every day is a special day for something that you've done with pride and time in your hands. Lets celebrate this with friendship, teamwork, and last but not least, passion!

Lets keep AH up and going with the adrenaline to succeed as far as we have come as we speak. I know that we've been doing this good so far, but as you said, we're still not done yet and we should keep working harder. Congradulations once again, and let AH stay as active as possible. We are getting more DJs every week. Do you see this happening in other new radio's? no way. So guess what my friend? We are one special radio thats been a success from the first day, thanks Dan for everything.

Cheers m8, let us all keep this up as a strong team, buddy.:ohjoy:

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Love Trance said:
Lovely dancin all day long..excellent sound.<3

:welcome: to the forums :)

hope you enjoy it here, and spread the word :love: