Blue Silence - Trance Garden 011 on AH.FM 15-01-2014

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hello Raff, how are you? :friends:
i just woke up half hour ago, still one last nightshift tonight here :megacrazy:
I am fine, thanks! As usual, I was living my life with in the background, popping on the forum when I hear something exceptionally good.
Having dinner now.
Hey Cica, missed you in Amsterdam :wall: New Years was great, I almost got hit in the face with an exploding firework :O

How were your holidayz? :drunk: ?
i was at work except 31st dec :crazy:
you should come this time to nl, this weekend trance nation, next month luminosity trance gathering + ah meeting & asot650! hope you had some fun while you was here mate :beer2: