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Cars, anybody into them?


Aug 3, 2007
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So I love cars just as much as I love trance, anybody else here love cars? And does anyone have a nice one?
well, yeah I love them, but I have 2 cars and neither of them are fun to drive :p how about you?
I have one and I love to drive it, a lot of people call it a rice machine but who cares I like it so its all good, heres a pic of it. :)


CARS! Man, it's all about the motorcycles! I got a car though, it's a 05 STizzle(nickname). BTW I feel sorry for your car.
Not sure about yours bluedemon, its a little over the top imo.... dunno tho, kinda like it all the same!

I like my cars, and yeh ill admit to joining the ricers / boy racers , but at the moment im slightly more subtle with my Rover 620 Ti than all this fast & furious stuff :)

:lol: Nice ride Magik, I think my Dad drives one like that too.

I have been into cars since the mid 80's, here's my current ride:


I just added a new MP3 deck in it so I can listen to my AH shows in the car. :choon::super::whistle:

And here's after the AH edit:

I like cars. Heres a pic of my beast.

Two more pics of my car with different wheels

This is with the stock rims, on the morning of a skidpan event.

This is my old front bar, and my 18" rims (before I got them resprayed as per the photo in my previous post).
That is a damn nice car, what kind of engine mods do you have?