Deadmau5: Hot or not?


  • rocks!

    Votes: 123 56.7%
  • sucks!

    Votes: 94 43.3%

  • Total voters
Agreed, although Clockwork, is a complete rip of Orange Theme, which ALL can hear, and I'm not sure what the story behind this is, but I'd love to know..


Don't forget that the Orange Theme was a ripoff too ;)
It fairly mixed in the poll.

My favorite of his is Arguru.
Deadmau5 is really not all about "hate it or love it".. should've had more poll options
I think he is good at what he does :)
I think he made one brilliant song and that will be all for his career
In my oppinion Deadmau5 has made many nice tracks. I, for one, like the monotony of many of his tracks. Havent seen him live yet, so I cannot say how he plays.
he's not too bad!!! it's not my style of music!!! but there's one or two track that are nice!!
the main problem is that always is the same sound, it's really strange hear a diferent sound xD
for preferences there're sounds!! and some people love rock music!!