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May 1, 2006
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Quest 4 Trance EOYC 2010 Live Broadcast:
GrotesQue Midnight Cruise 2 EOYC 2010 Exclusive Recording:
Luminosity Christmas Edition EOYC 2010 LiveBroadcast:

Tracklists & Downloads:

AH.FM has had an amazing year in 2010! This community has become something special not only to AH.FM, but also to the scene. We would like to thank you all for being part of AH.FM & supporting us all this time! Because of you AH.fm is evolving and growing. This is the fun and exciting part, to see it grow and grow.

This community is worldwide, no matter what gender, race, color or nationality you are... here we all are ONE. It's a great team all of us, we all care about this community. Not only do you folks support the genre and it's dj's, you also watch each others backs by reporting spam to us or any other things that don't fit into this community. You all support each other and help each other out and that's why this community rocks!

AH.fm has a bright future ahead of us, we will be expanding to more bigger things in 2011. Mobile is one sector, but biggest excitement is we all get to see this radio grow strong, so thank you all from myself, Dan, and all staff.

Now the fun stuff :) EOYC 2010 we all know what this is about, it does not need an introduction. This year we have something special planned, first off it will be 300 DJ's, special live broadcasts (will be announced later this month as a surprise), but also many give aways during the 2 week extravaganza. We will kick off EOYC on Dec 18th @ 20:00.

Important notice: All regular shows from Dec. 18th from 21:00 up until Jan 1st.. will be canceled due to EOYC. If you have any questions please email info@afterhours.fm
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First 5 names for this years End of Year Countdown are:
Juliet Star
DNS Project
Mohamed Ragab
Yeah Afterhours is growing up , and it's so good ! To be continued....
The time goes by so fast :hmmm:
Very much looking forward to this kick ass event!! AH puts on the best productions and shows in the Progressive and Trance communities! Since tuning in April....I cannot go a single day without listening to the musical bliss that AH provides to me on a daily basis...2010 is the rebirth of trance, and Im so happy that AH has given me an outlet to listen live or if I missed a set...they replay! I mean...what more can you ask for from a "free" radio station! The staff is very personable and friendly and Ive met many wonderful people around the world thru the AH forums....it gives me a chance to connect with many people who may be time zones away and talk about the set or our musical tastes or life in general..... So a big THANK YOU for making all this happen and changing my life for the better!!
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Very much looking forward to this event!
:super::super::super: We know it will be amazing :bravo:
cant wait for this :)
LOVE IT!!! As awlays must be amazing!
Hope this time Armin (if he will be playing) wont play set recorded live earlier :p