EOYC 2012 Community Contest Rules, Info & General Discussion

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May 1, 2006
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EOYC 2012 Community Contest.

Get your set aired @ the Worlds Biggest Online Event
End Of Year Countdown

slots waiting to be taken


Please read everything carefully.

Set info:

60:00 mins long (+-2 mins is ok)
CBR format 44.1 kHz
192 - 320k Quality
Style: Trance & Progressive

Set name syntax:
Example: DJ Name - EOYC 2012 Contest.zip
DJ name - EOYC 2012 Contest.mp3 <-- actual set
DJ Name - EOYC 2012 Contest.txt <-- actual tracklist
Both these files zipped and uploaded to (hotfile or other mirrors)

** sets must be minimum 192k CBR format else disqualified - 320k preferred**

You must be registered to qualify, you need to post the link yourself not someone for you!
Only 1 "one" submission per DJ.


The (NEW soon posted) thread will be open which users can post links to the sets for 7 days (Nov 1st - 7th 00:00 AM CET) thread then will be closed till Nov 21st (gives the community plenty of time to download the sets & listen to them) On Nov 21st we will create a poll with all the DJ sets that were submitted during that Nov1st - Nov 7th period... then community will be able to vote who they mostly enjoyed.

Poll will end on Dec 1st 00:00 AM CET, once the poll is closed we will choose top 14 best ranked winners.

Quick date reference:

Nov 1st - Nov 7th This Thread http://www.ah.fm/forum/showthread.php?46977-EOYC-2012-Community-Contest-Poll is open you post your sets, 1 submission per DJ
Nov 7th - Nov 21st Thread will be closed, users download the sets and listen to them. (once 100 contestants are met we close the thread within Nov7-21)
Nov 21st - Dec 1st Polls goes online voting starts
Dec 1st Poll closes 14 winners announced.
Dec 1st - Dec 10th Winners have time to create fresh new exclusive sets for EOYC 2012! with jingles which we will provide.

Maximum number of contestants is 100, once there are 100 submitted sets we close the thread or during the time frame outlined above.

Good luck to everyone & remember together we can make a difference :dance:
Wow awesome !!

All the best to those who will be participating :)
TFI Full Support \o/
Can't wait ^^
sounds great! :)
Good job Dan :grinning:
Best of luck for all particpants :bravo:
Awesome! I wish everyone that participates good luck :wink:
I would like to join in, and good luck everyone ^_^
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Good luck to who participates, it's usually tough competition :)
I want to participate... :) Thanks AH.FM... AH.FM - United as One

:clap2: Will be massive and I'm so curious who will show up ! :grinning:

Good luck to all of you who want to participate ;)

Maybe i will, who knows :p
i gone participe for first time my pure trance mix

Great News! I Can't Wait :). Maybe soon sending my set :).
Good luck everyone :)

Antraxx Greeting :).
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