EOYC 2017 Community Contest - Main Thread

Mix Appreciation Part 3

:bravo:What a journey it has been. Fourty mixes in three weeks time. From melodic to banging tunes, each mix keeps you wanting more. Here's my thoughts on the final mix list:

Aleksey Karpovich - Amazing upbeat mix, one of my favorite kind of mixes.
Anton Karpoff - Great mix. Couple of my favorite uplifting tunes in there, such as vona and it's full of stars.
Chris Ghoste - Various tunes spanning several years. Digging it.
Cj Mover - Glorius mix, lots of tunes from 2008. The 'Mr Sam - Cygnes' track really hit me hard since it reminded me why trance swept me off my feet.
Daniel Rusher - Nice uplifting mix. Transitions need more polish
Forces - Bursting with tech energy. Great Mix.
Grëco - Nice mix. Seems it was done live. Keep up the good work.
Liana Kari - Energizing mix. Reminds me of ASOT style
Lucas - Classic Mix with a few outliers. Some transitions could be smoother. The best part is the last 20 mins.
S.K.Y - Great uplifting mix. So many goodies spanning across the years.
Tarvali - Great Chill uplifting set. Nice one to close out the weekend, on a sunday night.
Thornmail - Imposing uplifting mix. The middle part of the mix was filled with epic music, so much that you went to cloud 9 and stayed there.
Vladimir Tyurin - Amazing selection of melodic tunes. Transitions could be smoother. All in all, great sounds to listen to whilst reading a book.
Remek - Chill mix, until you get half-way through the mix where it picks up the tempo like a storm.
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will make the poll thread tonight after back from work :wink:

replied also posting here
hi mate :yes: i will open the poll thread tonight from midnight cet and we can vote till the end of the month :grinning:

Thanks for info! ;)

Good luck everyone in contest! :)
will make the poll thread tonight after back from work :wink:

replied also posting here
hi mate :yes: i will open the poll thread tonight from midnight cet and we can vote till the end of the month :grinning:

Cool! so, only 2 hours....

GOOD LUCK everyone!!! :music::friends:
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Thank you Mysteryos for your feedback on my set. I love putting together these trance journeys.
We are now half-way through the voting period. Here's the top 20 DJs so far:

NameVote Percent
Maarten Metz42.63%
Sander van Torn23.68%
Aleksey Karpovich20.00%
Light of the Future18.95%
4 Seas14.21%
The TrancEuphoric14.21%
Denis Kondratovich13.68%
Vladimir Tyurin13.16%
Anton Karpoff11.58%
Mister Ryos9.47%
Sundance Kid8.42%

I urge, encourage, & incite people who don't see their favorite contestants in the above list, to rally their friends so that your DJ receives the opportunity to play their mix, their message on the EOYC festival.
Good luck everyone in contest!

This year is rich nice trance music. Uplifting, Progressive, Techno Trance, Psy and more. And it can be seen in this massive trance-mixes^)
Good Luck & Victories!
:yes: winners are ↓ :bravo:

Maarten Metz :bravo:
Sander van Torn :bravo:
Jezdom :bravo:
Aleksey Karpovich :bravo:
Light of the Future :bravo:
Thornmail :bravo:
TranceCoult :bravo:
Denis Kondratovich :bravo:
Vladimir Tyurin :bravo:
4 Seas :bravo:
The TrancEuphoric :bravo:
Lembume :bravo:
Trancer :bravo:
Cj Mover :bravo:
Anton Karpoff :bravo:
S.K.Y. :bravo:
Grëco :bravo:
Dan Rod :bravo:
Thomas Verden :bravo:

so the 20 winners have to make a fresh-new set for the event

Lenght: 60:00 Mins please do not go over even 1 minute as we want to be on time with all sets

Deadline: Dec 10th
send mixes to: info@afterhours.fm

Naming of the files is crucial!!

Dj name - EOYC 2017.mp3 <—- mp3 files
Dj Name - EOYC 2017.txt <— tracklist

Jingles: http://www.ah.fm/files/EOYC2017.zip please include 1-3 in your set

Please do share the tag #EOYC that your taking part :)

Congratulations to the winners :bravo:
Everyone brought something special to this contest.
Hope to see such drive, dedication and enthusiasm echoing during the EOYC festival on ah.fm
Yeeeaah!! Thank You for your votes guys!! &#55357;&#56908;&#55357;&#56908;&#55357;&#56908;
I'm very happy that I will be one of the participants of EOYC 2017! Congratulations for all the winners and many thanks for your votes!!! :)
Thank you for the vote, Maarten, we're going on!Congratulations to all!
Big thanks for votes!!! I'm happy that I'll see you again playing my set during EOYC on AH.FM. :)