High on Life


Dec 24, 2006
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01.Ernesto vs Bastian-Thrill (cliff coenraad and Thomas hagenbeek repimp )
02.Claudia Cazacu - Cowgirl (Thr3shold Remix)
03.Orjan nilsen - Black Mamba (Original Mix)
04.BK Lee Haslam-Sticks Stoned (Original Riot Recordings)
05.Bryan kearney – More to life
06.Gleave - Fire devil lost in smoke
08.Luke Warner & Mat Lock - Deep Psychosis (Daniel Kandis Cure Mix)
09.Joint Operations Centre - Shortwave (Original Mix )
10.John Askew-The advent of us (pedro delgardo remix-euphoric)
11.Gareth Emery - This Is That (Original mix)

Just the product of a long sleepless night and satisfying my curiosity of what those tracks that are amongst some of my favorites will sound like together :music:
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downloading :)
downloading :)
WTH?!?!?! everyone's becoming a DJ now?

I think it's why there is more and more young DJs... I am becoming too myself, and I want to be serious DJ in the future, with mixing and producing ;)

Some people say it's a bad thing, others say it's a good thing. I think it's nice even if it's a lot of small dj and unknown dj. Trance is a world feeling, to be a DJ is to make people happy by mixing the music you like :D and trying to put your personal touch on it :D

So, let continue to send mixes :D:super:
Very cool t4e or should we call you DJ t4e now? lol
Me is Downloading your set! :music::hug:lol
hey i liked it, perfect entertainment to and from my shopping trip today :)

deep psychosis :love:
:hmmm: downloading t4e :grinning:
:super: :super: :super:

amazing TL :wub:

amazing set :wub:

thx for share T4e :hug: :hug:
not downloading. :P

hehe, have already and had a quick listen too -
must say I'm very impressed :wow:
if that's your 1st mix you'd done well in losing your virginity that way
(what did you use? something that indicated the key too I suspect,
you managed a really good flow).

need to give it a replay... :music:
Love the last two songs. I am not the biggest fan of deep and dark, but its a good composition. :music:

i like it :super:

good track selection t4e.