Joop - the future ( anthem Trance energy 2007 )

look at that lineup.. this event is going to be massive
Definatly :) 17 of myfavorite dj's, 1 night.

Too bad you dont live in Holland ;<
i dont live in holland either.. but i might go.. i will be getting 1 year older that night :p:
i have my questions and my fears when i saw the line up , but you really have to make it a party for yourself really..
I probably go with my 46 years old female friend :p:
Joop - the future ... i cant even call this tune music. sorry. worst of all its the anthem FOR Trance energy 2007. I dont see anything trance in it. :LMAO:
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Joop - the future ... i cant even call this tune music. sorry. worst of all its the anthem FOR Trance energy 2007. I dont see anything trance in it. :LMAO:

:LMAO: lol dude. We all know your kind of trance music is separated ;)
Joop - The Future

Hey folks

Trance Energy Baby! 2007! - Well Deserved for Joop

Hold on Britney Spears Fans, you are about to be put into alignment and converted to Trance. (If not already). ;)

Since the first day I jammed out to Joops set at Sensation Black in Amsterdam I have followed this artists through his developing career.

We went a long way to be in the presence of such great damn music thanks to ID-T (Irfan van Ewijk who keeps us at the top with VIP access to the events). I told Joop Trance was gonna take over worldwide... it has just begun and Joop is so far into the limelight already my trancers! A few facts about DJ Joop some may not know.

- Joop was invited by Tiesto himself to be on his LoveParade float, great success, millions attended.
- Joop played at Avalon in Hollywood and Club Heaven - First time in the USA, was there to guide him - great feedback from the crowds in Hollywood, some comments were, "I have never seen anyone do such amazing things with their mixer like this before", "Bruce who is this guy, he blows away everything I have ever seen in this club before", "Avalon says: "Amazing DJ and your lucky to be in the hands of such a good guy" + many more.
- Joop is working now with Leon Bolier for another example of trance talent to be released in January. (New Track Lyra)
- Joop wont go away - expect to see him in North America much more and I suspect soon in Denver Colorado if we have anything to do with it, Denver: home of the sexy snowbunnies - boy o boy.

Joops says about Trance Energy 2007
"Possibly the biggest indoor Trance event in the world ‘Trance Energy’, organised by giant ID&T, has announced it’s line-up for it’s 15th edition. I am so happy to be a part of this event once again!...for me it's the 4th time i will play at this major trance event at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht!....This time a lot different then the once's you will see:) - Joop"

Cheers, Nastrovia, Salute, Avante and all else!

Expect Huge Support for Joop Worldwide...

On March 3 2007 @ Trance Energy... Joop is hitting the Nitrous Oxide switch, so hold the frig on folks! It is a must go... location at event ---> "FutureStage" Baby! Yeahhh! Big congrats Joop!

The "Future Stage" at "Trance Energy" in Holland on March 3, 2007 with Mark Norman (What up Mark Norman) another great performer, this combination will rock, just visit the event and visit the "Future Stage" make sure ya hear Joop, if ya like true trance you gonna be shocked, Joop knows his shit people! Just get there and check him out. Take my word for it, he has great potential and a great future.

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Sick song, SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK!!!!! AND EVEN MORE SICK. Trance Energy 2007 will be better then 2006.

i've so missed this track so far hope to hear it soon...

How could you? :)

Played in ASOT Played in The sounds of Scandinavia :p:
He is one of the young talented DJ's that is coming out.

Going to be hard to miss this guy. There is to many good djs at TE 2007. :(
This song is Great :D i always like his Song ;)
not a bad tune....noting new here either tho....!
few weeks ago i speak to joop on Partyflock.
i told him that his tracks is great..
i realy love it... its a huge track.. it gonna be a big anthem.
Act of God was also a big record:)
so.. Joop gonna make it this TE
it's not allowed to share copyrighted stuff... you should remove that link mate
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