Joop - the future ( anthem Trance energy 2007 )

Remixes "The Future" Markus Schulz & Rank 1 - Soon

Remixes "The Future" Markus Schulz & Rank 1 - Soon

We are happy to say that there are up and coming two new strong trance remixes for Joop's new track The Future. These Trance Energy Theme Song remixes will be from the hands and minds of Joop's good friends Piet Bervoets and Benno de Goeij, most of you know them as Rank-1....this remix is set to be huge boys and girls!...

And last but definitely not least mister Markus Schulz also has set his mind and skills to deliver a hell of a monster "The Future" trance remix! Joop is so proud to say that these boys are doing there best to blow your minds with there interpretation of The Future!

The release of this trance remix package will be set for release somewhere around check in regularly for new updates!

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my parents are in holland for my tickets now :)
i'll have them in 2 hours <3

btw: the future = bleh

I'm buying them Monday :D.

I think the future is blah too now... :lmao:
yeah!! this choon its really cool!! i like a lot beside ive just hear it a few times since asot 284 i think..
Definatly :) 17 of myfavorite dj's, 1 night.

Too bad you dont live in Holland ;<

Well you can't see them all at one's ;)
I am going to be on Mainstage whole nigth, just like last year!

Sick song, SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK!!!!! AND EVEN MORE SICK. Trance Energy 2007 will be better then 2006.

I hope so, last year it rocked!